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Mick King

Operations Manager


It's the way forward really. Motivated. Keeps everyone interested and stop a lot of accidents.

James Alexander


If everyone changed, used these values, sites would be a lot safer and work more efficiently.

Jacob Harris


I think (the course) will benefit the industry. Gives you a happier work environment. More conscious of safety. Helps me get through the day.

Jean Duprez MBE BS2B

The work BS2B is doing can bring about some massive culture changes to the image of Construction and the overall experience for site operatives and managers in the workplace.

Jean Duprez MBE

Bobbette Watson

Workplace & Community Liaison Coordinator


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The Toolbox Talk has been insightful, informative and engaging. Its overall message of working together to create a happier environment is one that resonated with us all. Staff were given an insight into how the tools of Self Awareness, in conjunction with the four core values could be used to great effect and contribute to the wellbeing not only in the workplace but also in their personal lives. It will be of great benefit to the industry in changing mindsets and behaviours.



Jean Duprez MBE BS2B
Volker Fitzpatrick Logo BS2B