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How it Works

The course is based online with the options for workshops and demonstrations, depending on whether it is for you or for your workforce.


The course includes situations which are discussed and expanded upon to reveal further lessons.


The slides, scenarios and questions can be viewed and answered on desktop, tablet and phone.

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Flexible training

The blended self-awareness training is inviting, engaging and delivered in a simple, relevant and interactive way. Supporting the training there are self-awareness tool-box talks, impact sessions, half-day training, full-day training and theatre forums all of which can be made bespoke to meet client needs.


The training’s focus is on raising self-awareness and promoting mental health through the Inner Wellbeing Process (IWP), and the Core Value Approach (CVA).

Inner Wellbeing Process (IWP)

IWP promotes mental health by introducing mindful awareness, intention setting and simple reflective practices. This process helps support inner wellbeing, create and maintain a feeling of contentment, a sense of satisfaction and an attitude of gratitude.

Core Value Approach (CVA)

The core value approach is not a set formula, but rather something that you can adapt to various situations, as well as personal and cultural styles. The four core values, which are the foundation of the approach promote healthier, happier relationships, they can help with dissolving conflict in difficult situations and creates supportive collaborative environments.

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  • Personal integrity

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    Is about defining boundaries, making choices and decisions that better support myself and my needs.

  • Personal responsibility

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    Is about taking action that supports my personal integrity and being responsible for my thoughts, feelings, actions and responses.

  • Authenticity

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    Is about being honest in my communication about how I'm feeling and expressing what my needs are as clearly as I can.

  • Equal dignity

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    Is about understanding everyone's opinion matters. It's being interested, curious and respectful of the others, seeing, hearing and valuing them.

What are the products

Online Training

We believe the blended package delivers a consistent wellbeing message across the workforce in a fast, effective way. The online training is supported by posters, banners, hard hat stickers etc.

  • £25 Online training
  • Accessible on any device
  • CITB levy claim back
  • Easily incorporated in to your training matrix

Forum Theatre with Actors

Seriously high impact. Perfect for large groups, seminars or events.

  • Bringing the learning alive with custom written scenarios
  • Price on enquiry

In-House Deliverables

Enabling further exploration and discussion. Keeping the learning alive. Team development. Pricing + VAT

  • Mindfulness/self-awareness tool-box talks
  • Impact sessions groups up to 60
  • Half day Training groups up to 12 £675
  • Full day Training groups up to 12 £900
  • Various groups sizes TBA

One-to-one, group coaching and leadership training

Great for leaders or to support individuals to address specific performance issues.

• Face to face or remotely

• Executive through to front-line staff

• Price on enquiry