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BS2B Self Awareness Foundation Training Course

The Self Awareness online training course is designed to provide the participant with tools to maintain and/or improve their inner wellbeing and help reduce stressful thinking.


The two elements of the training are:

The Inner Wellbeing Process helps promote a healthy mindset by using simple reflective practices that support mindfulness, maintain and improve contentment, satisfaction and gratitude.


The Core Value Approach helps to build healthier happier relationships and create better communication using the values of personal integrity, personal responsibility, authenticity and equal dignity.


You will receive an accredited certificate on successful completion of this course



On completion of this course you will have  an understanding of:

  • The positive tools that will help maintain and improve self-awareness and inner wellbeing
  • Understand how to become more mindful, more focused and how to deal with situations in a less stressful way
  • The definition of the core values, their meaning and how using them can create better communication and build happier, healthier relationships.
  • What inner wellbeing refers to and how it can improve both your personal and working environments and alleviate stressful thinking




Everyone working within the construction industry from the yardman to the MD.




  • Supports companies in improving the wellbeing of its workforce
  • Online training, cost can be claimed back through the CITB levy system
  • No lost man hours in taking the online training
  • Can help reduce the number of costly mistakes, accidents or death
  • Can build a more mindful and therefore safer workforce
  • Can help improve site safety
  • Creates stronger leadership at all levels
  • Help reduce the loss of man hours due to absence from stress
  • Can create¬† more productive working environments




  • Help to maintain your inner wellbeing/mental health
  • Help dealing with stressful, difficult or challenging situations
  • Help alleviate stressful thinking
  • Help develop healthier, happier personal and professional relationships
  • Help with developing mindfulness
  • Help with decision making
  • Help with clearer communication
  • Help with personal resilience
  • Helps with motivation

B2SB Self Awareness Foundation Training Course


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